Hi (OK, so its not very original, but its all i got…)

It’s about 3:00 AM on the Monday after New Years Day, and while every one in a three block radius is asleep or suffering a massive hangover for the second night in a row (thanks to NYD falling on a Sunday), I am wide awake typing up this entry. You can call me Carlos and this is my feeble first attempt at a blog. I am 23, single, and live in a small Texas town we’ll call “Badgerville”. Over the past few months, several events have taken place to make me reconsider where I’m going and what I want to do with my life. The death of a close loved one, the onset of early graying hair and the realization that I have lived almost 1/3 of my life and have nothing to show for it, have been a rude wake up call for me. Now, by no means am I a “good” writer, hell, I’m not even a bad writer. I can’t spell to save my life, and my grammar is equally as horrible. So with that said, I have decided that this blog will be way of changing that, along with venting my frustrations and sharing my experiences with those of you who choose to follow me. Thanks in Advance for any feedback or advice you leave me. Hope you enjoy.



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